C H U R C H   M E D I A


May 2021


This month we began a new sermon series called “Wilderness” 

April 2021

The Annointing

We continue our series under Restored Authority. This Sunday, among other things Pastor Paul displays his anointed singing voice. Don’t miss this sermon!

The Name of Jesus

This week, Pastor Paul discusses God’s Authority and how we have the right and privilege to use the name of Jesus in our spiritual battles.

What Christ Did

This week we continue our Restored Authority Series: Pastor Paul speaks on What Christ Did and the authority we have in him

Three Easter Questions You Must Answer

This week we talk about three Easter questions you must answer. (1) Why are you crying? (2) What or whom are you searching for? (3) Will you fall before Jesus as your Lord?

March 2021

Wisdom & Perseverance

This week we talk about Wisdom & Perseverance and how that is relative to our ability to follow the voice of God in our lives. Pastor Paul does a deep dive into 2 prayers from the Apostle Paul in the book of Ephesians 

How He Leads – Steps

This week we talk about wisdom and understanding the way God wants to work in our lives and following the steps God gives us and staying there until he gives us another step to take

How He Leads – Progression

This week we talk about Gods leadership and how he leads us

February 2021

Anniversary Sunday – Discipline & Determination

This week we reflected on the past twelve years and talked about what it takes to see the purposes of God accomplished in your life.

The Four Love Needs In Relationships – part 2

This week we talked about the last two of the four love needs in every relationship.