C H U R C H   M E D I A


April 2020

Easter Sunday

What a difference 3 days can make with Jesus.

Palm Sunday

What a difference three days can make in you life.

March 2020

Love and Hate

1 John gives us clear understanding of what it looks like to live in love or in hate.

When He Appears

Gods will is for us to become more and more like his son.

Light and Love

If we walk with God we will walk in the light and with love.

Walk In The Light

If we walk in the light then our life will be a reflection of God’s word.

February 2020

Stronger Together

God made it such a was that we are stronger together in our relationship!


We have to learn how to respond to conflict in a Biblical way in our relationship.

January 2020

Discipline and Determination

Without discipline and determination it will be impossible to follow the vision of God.

Marked By Vision

We need to live a life marked by the vision of God.