April 2021

Three Easter Questions You Must Answer

This week we talk about three Easter questions you must answer. (1) Why are you crying? (2) What or whom are you searching for? (3) Will you fall before Jesus as your Lord?

March 2021

How He Leads – Steps

This week we talk about wisdom and understanding the way God wants to work in our lives and following the steps God gives us and staying there until he gives us another step to take

How He Leads – Progression

This week we talk about Gods leadership and how he leads us

February 2021

Anniversary Sunday – Discipline & Determination

This week we reflected on the past twelve years and talked about what it takes to see the purposes of God accomplished in your life.

The Four Love Needs In Relationships – part 2

This week we talked about the last two of the four love needs in every relationship.

The Four Love Needs In Relationships – part 1

This week we talk about two of the four love needs in every relationship.  Those love needs are unconditional love and intimacy.  We hope this week’s message will encourage you in your relationships.

January 2021

What Matters To God?

  There are two different kinds of people that the Bible shows us that God is looking for.  God is on an all-out search for people who are fully committed to Him and the lost.

What’s Your Purpose

This week we took a look at a conversation that Jesus had with the Pharisees to see what God says is important to Him.  What is important to God should help us to see the purpose that God has for us on earth.

December 2020

How To Make The Rest Of Your Life The Best Of Your Life

For the last Sunday of the year, we took a look at what the Bible says about making the rest of your life the best of your life.  


For this week’s message, we talked about the gift of peace.  In Isaiah’s prophecy about the coming of Christ, he calls him the Prince of Peace.  Christ came to give us peace in our lives in the midst of a chaotic world.