September 2020

If You Can Use Anything

God desires to use your life to make a difference in the world around you.  There is no reason for you to believe that God cant use you regardless of your circumstances.

Rivers of Living Water

God desires that our lives should be river’s and not reservoirs.  The goodness of God that comes to us should flow from us to others around us.

August 2020


Listen to this message by Pastor Robert Mallory as he shares on the facts surrounding Jesus historically and the importance of giving our lives to Him.

July 2020

Know What You Want

What does it look like when the Kingdom of God comes upon you?  In order to know when that happens, you need to know ahead of time what it is that you want God to do.

Response To A Chaotic World

How do we respond when the world around us seems to be living in fear, hate, and chaos?  Jesus gives us a great example of what our focus should be on.

June 2020

Anchor Thoughts

Anchor thoughts are the sub-conscience thoughts that we have about ourselves.  These thoughts anchor us in God’s reality for us or they can anchor us in a lie that misleads us.

Father’s Day

This is our message from our Father’s Day service.

The Transformed Mind

“Do not conform to the patterns of the world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”  What does it look like to live your life with a transformed mind?


As our world around us is going crazy there is one attribute that best reflects the life and character of Jesus: empathy.  How well do we empathize with those around us that are hurting?

May 2020

Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day we celebrated all the ladies that make COTR so great!  We talked about how Jesus was a great revolutionary when it came to women being treated with respect.